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Book online or call: +1-248-919-8484     Chat now

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Ana Restaurante Cartagena Details

Zone: Old City
Hours of Operation: Open Daily 12:00 PM to 11:30 PM
Recommended Items: Gyosas, Ceviche Caribeño, Arroz Kalamari, Islote, T-Bone,
Price: $$ - $$$
View Menu Dress Code: No flip flops or bathing suits allowed


Ana Restaurante Cartagena is a culinary gem that redefines the dining experience in the heart of this enchanting coastal city. Immerse yourself in a fusion of Caribbean and Asian flavors set against a backdrop of tropical splendor.

At Ana Restaurante Cartagena, culinary innovation captivates your senses from the moment you step through the doors. You’ll be greeted with unparalleled warmth and attention, setting the stage for an extraordinary dining adventure.

Elegance meets modernity in the restaurant’s decor, adorned with captivating artwork that seamlessly blends with the tranquil tropical ambiance. Live music gracefully serenades your evening, turning every visit into an unforgettable memory.

Ana Restaurante Cartagena is a haven for discerning food enthusiasts. The menu boasts a delightful array of fusion dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Savor exquisite delicacies like our succulent gyozas, zesty squid ceviche, rich and aromatic coconut milk curry, and the perfect T-Bone steak.

Given the popularity of Ana Restaurante, reservations are highly recommended. Secure your table now to ensure you have a coveted spot in this culinary paradise.

Come, indulge in the culinary masterpiece that is Ana Restaurante Cartagena, where every dish is a work of art, and every visit is a journey to gastronomic bliss.

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Reservations will only be held for 10 minutes past the scheduled reservation time, so please arrive on time.

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