Welcome to Everything Cartagena! We’re here to provide you with an unforgettable experience in Cartagena, Colombia. Whether you’re interested in relaxing on the beach, exploring the city, or indulging in various activities, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our services.

General Questions:

What is Everything Cartagena, and what services do you offer?

Everything Cartagena is a US-based tourism service that offers a wide range of experiences in Cartagena, including beach clubs, boat rentals, fishing trips, horseback riding, spa services, mud volcano, wedding planning, translation services, dining recommendations, cooking & art classes, and more.

Where is Cartagena, Colombia?

Cartagena is a beautiful coastal city located on the northern coast of Colombia, in South America. It is a very safe area for tourists, attracting people from all over the world

Do I need to speak Spanish to use your services?

No, you don’t need to speak Spanish. Most experiences are offered in English, plus translation services are available to make your experience hassle-free.

How do I book your services?

You can easily book our services through our website or feel free to contact one of our English-speaking consultants. We’ll guide you through the booking process.

Is my payment in US dollars, and are there any foreign transaction fees?

All transactions with Everything Cartagena are in US dollars, so for US cardholders (and many others) there is never a foreign transaction fees.

Services and Activities:

What beach clubs do you recommend, and can you arrange reservations?

We have a list of top-notch Cartagena beach clubs, and we can certainly assist with reservations to ensure you have a relaxing day at the beach.

Can you arrange boat rentals for private tours?

Yes, we offer Cartagena boat rentals for various group sizes and can also arrange private boat tours.

Do you provide deep-sea fishing experiences, and are they suitable for beginners?

We offer Cartagena deep-sea fishing trips suitable for both beginners and experienced anglers. Our guides will assist you every step of the way.

What is the mud volcano tour, and how can I book it?

A mud volcano tour is a unique Cartagena experience where you can immerse yourself in a therapeutic mud bath. You can book this tour through us.

Can you arrange horseback riding experiences in Cartagena?

Yes, we can arrange horseback riding adventures, allowing you to explore Cartagena’s scenic beauty.

What types of spa services do you offer?

We offer a variety of spa services in Cartagena, including massages, manicures, and hair braiding to help you relax and look your best during your trip.

Specialized Services:

Do you offer wedding planning services for destination weddings in Cartagena?

Absolutely! We have experienced Cartagena wedding planners to make your destination wedding dreams come true.

Can you provide local guides for exploring Cartagena’s attractions?

Yes, we have knowledgeable local guides who can enhance your experience by sharing the city’s history and culture.

What are some top restaurant recommendations in Cartagena?

We can provide you with a list of top-rated Cartagena restaurants and make reservations on your behalf.

Do you offer cooking classes and art classes in Cartagena?

Yes, we offer both cooking and art classes for those interested in exploring Colombian culture through culinary and artistic experiences.

Customer Satisfaction:

How do you ensure customer satisfaction?

We go above and beyond to make sure every customer is happy. Our dedicated team is available to address any concerns and provide personalized assistance throughout your Cartagena journey.

What if I encounter an issue during my trip in Cartagena?

Contact our customer service team immediately, and we will work diligently to resolve any issues promptly.

If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re here to make your Cartagena experience truly unforgettable.

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