Nestled in the heart of Colombia’s Andean region lies a natural wonder like no other – Volcán El Totumo, the renowned mud volcano. This extraordinary geological formation promises visitors a unique and rejuvenating experience through its therapeutic mud baths. In this article, we’ll delve into the enchanting allure of Cartagena’s mud volcano at Volcán El Totumo, emphasizing the importance of timing your visit during the early morning or late afternoon to fully savor this natural wonder.

Unearthing the Magic of Cartagena’s Mud Volcano

Situated just a short drive from the charming town of Arboletes in the Antioquia region, Volcán El Totumo isn’t your typical volcano. It’s not an active one, but rather an enchanting mud volcano that boasts mineral-rich mud known for its remarkable health benefits and the unparalleled relaxation it offers to those who venture into its soothing embrace.

Timing Is Key: Early Morning and Late Afternoon Visits to Cartagena’s Mud Volcano

When it comes to embracing the enchantment of Cartagena’s mud volcano at Volcán El Totumo, timing plays a crucial role. To make the most of your visit and truly appreciate the beauty of this exceptional attraction, consider arriving either in the early morning or late afternoon. Here’s why:

Escape the Crowds: Cartagena’s mud volcano is a beloved spot for both locals and tourists. However, the midday hours tend to draw larger crowds as tour groups arrive. By choosing to visit early or late in the day, you can relish the mud bath and the surrounding area with fewer visitors, creating a more serene and intimate experience.

Extended Mud Bath: With fewer people around during these off-peak hours, you can also enjoy an extended mud bath experience. Spend more time luxuriating in the therapeutic mud, allowing its rejuvenating properties to work their magic on your skin.

Ideal Temperature: The mud within the volcano can become quite warm during the day, which may not be comfortable for everyone. By arriving in the early morning or late afternoon, you can enjoy the mud bath at a more pleasant temperature.

Practical Tips for Your Cartagena Mud Volcano Visit

Swimwear and Spare Clothes: Be sure to wear your swimwear and pack spare clothes to change into after you’re done enjoying your mud bath, and don’t forget to bring a towel for your convenience.

Local Guides Included: When booking your visit to Cartagena’s mud volcano through Everything Cartagena, rest assured that a knowledgeable local guide familiar with the area will accompany you. Additionally, we provide an English-speaking driver and translator who will assist you during your visit, ensuring you have a seamless and enriching experience.

Respect the Environment: Maintain environmental responsibility by respecting the natural surroundings, keeping the area clean, and disposing of trash properly.

Snacks and Water: Depending on your visit’s timing, consider bringing your favorite snacks and some bottled water.


Cartagena’s mud volcano at Volcán El Totumo, the natural wonder near Arboletes, Colombia, offers a one-of-a-kind and therapeutic experience for those seeking adventure and rejuvenation. By choosing to visit during the early morning or late afternoon, you can enhance your adventure by avoiding crowds, enjoying a comfortable mud bath temperature, and indulging in an extended mud bath. Plan your trip thoughtfully, dive into the soothing Cartagena mud volcano, and let Volcán El Totumo leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated, both inside and out. Explore the rejuvenating wonders of Cartagena’s mud volcano today.


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